FAQ: Can Grandparents Get Custody of Their Grandchildren

Giving Grandparents Custody in Texas

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  1. Initial Crisis: Jim and Eda, retired and looking forward to a peaceful life, face a crisis when their daughter and son-in-law. Cinthia and Sean, are arrested for drug-related charges while their grandchildren are in the car.

  2. Legal Intervention: Child Protective Services (CPS) takes immediate custody of the grandchildren. Leading Jim and Eda to realize they need legal assistance to navigate the complex situation.

  3. Seeking Legal Help: Feeling helpless, Jim and Eda search for the best family lawyer with experience in CPS and family law cases. They need guidance on their rights as grandparents and how to proceed.

  4. Consultation and Planning: After three days, Jim and Eda meet with the chosen lawyer to discuss their options. They formulate a plan to file a counterpetition for conservatorship of the grandchildren. And request a temporary order hearing to remove them from foster care.

  5. Legal Proceedings: Jim and Eda face the difficult decision of taking legal action against their own daughter to ensure the safety and well-being of their grandchildren.

  6. Rights as Grandparents: Understanding their rights under Texas Family Code Sec. 102.004. Jim and Eda pursue custody of the children, leading to a custody battle among all parties involved.

  7. Legal Battle: The case goes to trial, involving a grueling process with multiple witnesses, experts, and exhibits presented over nearly two weeks.

  8. Verdict: After careful deliberation, the jury appoints Jim and Eda as Sole Managing Conservators of their grandchildren, ensuring their safety and well-being.

  9. Resolution: With the legal battle over, Jim and Eda can finally rest assured that. Their grandchildren are safe and in their care.

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