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Kersh Law Firm, located in Pearland, Texas, is proud to offer a broad array of family law services to address the diverse needs of our clients. Our seasoned team of attorneys specializes in guiding individuals through the complexities of divorce proceedings, with a focus on ensuring equitable resolutions and protecting our clients' interests. We excel in handling order modifications, working diligently to adapt legal arrangements to changing circumstances and evolving needs.

Please complete the appropriate questionnaire related to your case. It is important that you answer each question. Since your answers are being made to an attorney, you are assured of confidentiality and are protected by the attorney-client privilege. You can type directly into the form.

 Divorce No Children

 Divorce With Children

 Parent-Child Relationship Suit


Kersh Law Firm, P.C., utilizes MyCase for scheduling, managing case documents and communicating with clients. This user-friendly client portal is restricted to current client’s, and you will receive a welcome email once we have your case in our system.


Kersh Law Firm, P.C., proudly serves clients in Harris County, Brazoria County and Fort Bend County. The following links will provide you with additional information about family law in your area.

 Harris County District Clerk

 Brazoria County District Clerk

 Fort Bend County Clerk

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