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Ensuring that custodial parents receive the necessary financial support to adequately care for their children is of utmost importance.

In the state of Texas, legal guidelines have been established to determine the appropriate amount of support in divorce or child custody proceedings. Whether you find yourself as the paying parent or the recipient of support, it’s imperative to ensure fair treatment without exploitation. At Kersh Law, our team of Angleton child support lawyers draws upon extensive knowledge and experience in Texas divorce law to ensure that the correct amount of child support is ordered in your divorce proceedings.

Understanding the Angleton Child Support Guidelines

In Angleton divorces, child support is typically ordered to be paid to the parent with primary physical custody. The guidelines utilize a complex formula to calculate the recommended child support amount, which becomes even more intricate in cases of shared custody, where each parent has custody for more than 35% of the time. Key components of the child support guidelines formula include:

  • Monthly Actual Income: Pre-tax income from various sources such as wages, bonuses, commissions, benefits, interest, and trust income.
  • Adjustments to Income: Deductions for other support and alimony obligations to determine adjusted monthly income.
  • Percentage Share of Income: Relative to the combined income of both parents.
  • Additional Expenses: Work-related child care costs, health insurance, and extraordinary medical expenses.
  • Percentage of Overnights: Determining child support in shared physical custody scenarios.

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While these guidelines help establish each parent’s financial obligation and the recommended child support amount for the noncustodial parent, it’s essential to note that actual support ordered may deviate from the guidelines if deemed necessary in the best interest of the children. We provide assistance in preparing and presenting a compelling case when advocating for or against a deviation from the guidelines amount.

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